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At Eightfold, we understand different projects require different skill sets. So we have been building up a collective of filmmakers, art directors, marketers, creatives, and techies who understand we grow better together. The purpose of our community is to provide a hub for the driven, the talented, and the free thinking to get together, sprout new ideas, connect dots, and share resources for mutually beneficial growth. As a result of this collective, Eightfold has found a role in a variety of outstanding projects, both creative and commercial, and has developed a pool of resources across a variety of mediums. The Eightfold Collective is open to a number of disciplines but our most trusted relationship resources currently exist in: Directing, Filmmaking, Social Media, Graphic Design, Animation, Photography, Audio and Film Equipment.

Our new studio in New Center, Detroit, is a brick and mortar home base for our team and community members to pass through, get some work done or hang with some friendly faces. We are currently renovating the space to be an open plan office as well as an egg shell studio and green screen. If you are interested in getting involved, reach out.