Eightfold is in the business of engagement. We are constantly striving to make a deep connection with our audiences through the understanding of perception. We do this by helping marketers, businesses, and individuals identify the true emotion behind their experiences and share that impassioned message with the right people.

We seek the opportunity to exceed our partners’ expectations through cinematic storytelling by captivating viewers, evoking emotion, and orienting perceptions in a way that is organizationally productive and timely.

We strategically develop our content to fit our partners’ needs, whether it be for a stand-alone production, part of a rebranding effort, or material to be integrated into an established brand or campaign.

Although at its core Eightfold is a high end video production house, our creative competency extends to the fields of graphic design and social media. In these areas, we use our same creative ideals to develop visual and social content that further strengthens the strategic connections between our partners and their target audiences.


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